Shooting the cover for The Movement Issue of SHEI Magazine (Fall 2014)

Sorry for the HUGE number of photos, but I feel like it’s almost always better to show a story than it is to tell it. We got up at 5:30, having spent the night on Anna’s living-room floor and made the drive from her cottage to the dunes in under 45 minutes, clothes steamed, fabric ironed, model with hair and make-up done and ready to go, which was a minor miracle in and of itself. The sun was rising just as we arrived, and began to burn off the mist that had settled close to the ground and surface of Silver Lake. We set up quickly and had barely started with test shots when all of a sudden, the sun burst through the clouds, orange and gold, and everybody started shouting to shoot. We grabbed the model, ran towards the edge of the dunes and… missed the shot. By the time we started, the clouds had already covered the sun again. It was windy and cold, but we turned around and started shooting back into the dunes, having Lexie, our model, walking into the wind to make the fabric spread out and ripple. Eventually, we realized that the fabric wasn’t moving as much as we wanted it to and lightened the layers to either one layer of the dark plum fabric, or the gold chiffon. The wind picked up and we got this shot.

But, was it the ONE? We decided to keep shooting. It took some time, but eventually our patience was rewarded; the sun came out again and madness ensued.
So how many frames does it take to get THE shot? Short answer, A lot.
The long answer: (see below).

Dying to see it? We were too. Here’s the final version.

Some more bits and pieces from the shoot that never made it to print. Sometimes you’ve got to be silly to get the most out of a shoot. Despite the serious nature of what we were trying to accomplish, I had so much fun working with all of these incredible people.

Model: Lexie Wung
Styling: Aaron Pelo and Anna Fuller
Clothes: V2V All images made in cooperation with SHEI Magazine

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