Mary + Aaron | Married

In my time as a wedding photographer, I can honestly say that I have never met a couple as excited to be marrying one another as Mary + Aaron. They met while attending graduate school at Chapel Hill, NC, where Mary (studying Public Health) and Aaron (getting his PhD in Russian History) met through a mutual friend. In their time together, they’ve traveled well and often, and spent significant time apart, Mary in Africa, and Aaron in Russia. That time apart only made them stronger. That strength and steadiness came up time and again during their wedding day where they exchanged vows on Mary’s family farm. In the pole barn that was used for dancing, photographs of the couple and their families on trips all over the world adorned the walls. Mary’s aunt gave the couple a quilt made from fabric that Mary brought back from her studies in Kenya, and their cake toppers were a pair of golden dinosaurs that Mary had sent to Aaron in Russia. To highlight their love of travel, and connection to home, during the ceremony, friends and family from all over the country brought soil from their homes to help Mary and Aaron pot a houseplant, that in time will grow stronger with the richness and diversity of the mixed soils. 

Despite all the traveling these two have done, they always manage to find their way back home to each-other. 

Home, after all, is where the heart is. 

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