In the studio with Jonathan Glymph

Last Wednesday evening, I had the privilege of working with University of Michigan graduate and aspiring model Jonathan Glymph. Since graduating, he has become a correspondent and fashion blogger at Hauet is Magazine and is currently pursuing a career in the industry in New York City. He generously donated his time to model for our team of photographers and videographers at SHEI Magazine during our team’s studio lighting workshop this week.

Jonathan will be a familiar face to many of you as he featured in SHEI’s shoot at Shinola Detroit last semester.  We got comfortable dancing around the studio to Mariah Carey before getting down to business. Our first challenge was to change the lighting set-up to recreate an image that he had brought in. The background was light grey, and the subject, a woman peering over her bare shoulder across the image and off camera was lit from above and off to her left by a beauty-dish. Our backdrop was white and had been lit to appear pure white, and we had to remove a key-light that we had been using to give Elden, our first model, a professional looking head-shot. It took some time maneuvering through front, three quarter and over the shoulder shots, until finally, we tried out a side profile shot. Bingo! This was the dramatic look our client wanted. Check out the final shot below. 

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