The making of the Vintage Shoot (and the video)

Soultana Schiavi modeled as the girl to be chased through the decades. Elusive and mysterious. Hard to pin down and always in control, she was pursued by Zach Whitford, Fashion team member and now model, in SHEI Magazine’s Fall 2014 Issue. The Vintage Shoot included an amazing golden dress from Dear Golden Vintage in Ann Arbor, as well as several pieces from The Get-Up, a vintage store on State St. The idea behind this shoot was something akin to Helen of Troy, mixed with the Time Traveler’s wife, asking the age-old question, ‘What wouldn’t a guy do for the girl of his dreams?’

The answer, it appears, is very little. He followed her from the 20’s through the 40’s, across the 60’s and eventually into the 1980’s in his quest for that recognition. For some acknowledgement , and hopefully the return of his affection. Check out what happened below, in our first guest directed film, by Andrew Amine.

The experience of shooting images concurrently with film being shot was exciting, not only because of the challenge inherent in ensuring that the images do not look

Shoot Concept, Styling and Production Credit to SHEI Magazine, Models: Soultana Schaivi and Zach Whitford, Hair and Make-Up generously donated by: Red Beauty Bar , Guest Director: Andrew Amine

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